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Tanner Frisby
1x1x4A stupid cuboid built just for the sake of completeness.
1x1x5A stupid cuboid built just for the sake of completeness.
1x2x4A cuboid which can be viewed as combination of 1x2x2 and 1x2x3.

Corner turning snub cubeA strange axis system implemented with a puzzle of strange shape.
Lotus IA vertex-turning rhombohedron.
Lotus IIA vertex-turning square antiprism with the shape of a Gyroelongated Square Dipyramid which is a Johnson solid.

OctagonBlockA Mental Block in shape of octagonal prism.
Penta BlockA skewb in shape of a pentagonal prism. Inspired by the Mental Block.
PolarminxA thirty sided truncated megaminx.

Snub DisphenoidA vertex-turning Snub Disphenoid which is Johnson solid #84.
Split Fracture-10The Fracture-10 with additional cuts.
Super Simple Overlapping Cube (8 colors)A Simple Overlapping Cube stickered like he 8 Color Cube

Super Simple Overlapping DodecahedronAn amalgamation of different modding and stickering techniques
Tanners DominoAt first it looks like a pillowed 2x3x3 (aka Domino) but it is a 3x3x4 shaved down to the size of a 3x3x3.
TriagBlockA skewb in shape of a trigonal prism.

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