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Christian Calvo
American Flag FloppyA modified Floppy cube depicting the american flag.
American-German-Flag FloppyA Floppy cube showing two flags.
Batman FloppyA Floppy cube modified to resemble the dark knight's famous symbol.

Chicago Bulls 2x3x3A 2x3x3 with extensions and stickers depicts the logo of the NBA team of the Chicago Bulls.
Chicago Bulls FloppyA Floppy Cube transformed to depict the logo of the Chicago Bull NBA team.
Crichton FloppyA Floppy Cube commemorating the popular writer.

Dog FloppyA modifed Floppy Cube showing a dog.
Evil Twin Master FloppyTwo Floppy Cubes fused to look like 1x4x4.
Futuristic FloppyA Floppy cube in a futuristic shape.

Homer FloppyA Floppy cube extended with a homer!
Michael Jackson FloppyA Floppy Cube transformed to depict the famous King of Pop.
Michael Jordan FloppyA Floppy Cube transformed to depict the famous Basketball player.

Overlapping FloppyA Floppy Cube modified to resemble the Overlapping Cube.
PristrixA Rubiks Domino transformed into a triangular prism.
PycubroA Pyraminx with heavy extensions and a batch of additional volume to give it a true cubic shape.

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