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Minh Sanghsu
Coner 3x3x3A hybrid between face turning and corner turning hexahedron.
Coner 3x3x3 IIA hybrid between face turning and corner turning hexahedron. Compared with the first version there are different cuts.
Conermate IIA hybrid puzzle combining the cuts of a Pentultimate and a Pentagram.

ConnerminxA dodecahedron with round cuts that allow for corner turning and faceturning.
Crystal DreidelA puzzle made by combining the concepts of Dreidelmate and Multidodecahedron.
DreidelmateA puzzle derived from the Master Pentultimate and the Dreidel Skewb. An edgeless Master Pentultimate.

Flower CopterA hybrid puzzle which combines the moves of the Curvy Copter (hence the name) and moves similar (but not identical) to the Rex Cube.
Flower Copter IIA successor of the Flower Copter with different cuts.
Master Skewb 3x3x3A hybrid puzzle of a face turning and corner turning hexahedra. In this case the cutting depth of a 3x3x3 and a Master Skewb are combined.

Master SkewbminxA corner turning dodecahedron which is functionally equivalent to the Radiolarian III.
Rex 3x3x3A hybrid puzzle combining the 3x3x3 with a rex cube.
Rex Skewb 2x2x2Combines the cuts of the Rex Skewb (which itself combines two sets of cuts) with the 2x2x2.

Skewb 3x3x3A hybrid puzzle which combines the cuts of a skewb and a 3x3x3.
Stochastic Cutting CubeA Square-1 (or better: a Star Prism of the Square-1) transformed into hexahedral shape while in midturn.

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