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Traiphum Prungtaengkit
1x1x2 morphix (Reuleaux tetrahedron)A 1x1x2 in shape of a Reuleaux tetrahedron.
1x5x5 (square olzed)Another design of the 1x5x5 now with many beautiful regular angles.
1x6x6 (plane cuts)An already implemented cuboid redesigned without olzing.

1x7x7A pillowed 1x7x7. Made by bandaging a 7x7x7.
2x3x4 (semi fully functional)Another 2x3x4. Compared with the first (by Tony Fisher) this can change its shape in a limited way only.
2x4x5 (plane cuts)A mass produced 3x4x5 reduced by one layer. The result is the second cuboid of this dimensions but this time with regular cuts.

2x5x5 (regular cubies)The third design of this cuboid. A handmade version with regular cuboids.
2x5x5 (square olzed)The second design of the 2x5x5. This one was handmade from another mass produced cuboid.
2x5x7One of the most uneven cuboids.

2x6x6 (plane cuts)An already implemented cuboid redesigned without olzing.
2x6x7A fully functional cuboid hand made from a 7x7x7.
2x8x8A pillowed version of the 2x8x8. Made from a 8x8x8.

3x3x10A 3x3x10 cuboid. It had to be non-proportionate to be functional.
3x3x4 Wallcube (aka cubic 3x3x4)A 3x3x4 truncated into hexahedral shape and restickered after an incomplete move.
3x3x6The first fully functional 3x3x6. Later mass produced in two versions.

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