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Ola Jansson
1x2x5A fully functional 1x2x5.
1x3x4The first fully functional 1x3x4-cuboid.
1x4x4Also known as Master Floppy or Floppy Revenge.

2x2x8Ola Jansson drives the series of cuboids a step further.
2x2x9Ola Jansson drives the series of cuboids another step further.
2x3x7A highly irregularly sized cuboid.

2x4x4A fully functional 2x4x4 Cuboid
2x5x5A cuboid in the tradition of the 1x4x4 from the same inventor.
3x5x5 (olzed)If the inevitable "olzing" is ignored this is the first proportional 3x5x5.

3x5x5 (proportional)The first perfectly proportional 3x5x5.
5x5x7Another cuboid with half-regular dimensions that would have been impossible without CAD.
5x7x7The inventor's alternative name for this cuboid is "imperial floppy".

ChopsticksA mass produced 1x2x9 produced for Mefferts Jade Club.
Dual Layer IcosahedronA DLI - A dual layer corner turning icosahedron.
Keychain 1x2x3 (8 mm cubies)The smaller cousin of the 1x2x3.

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