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Daniel Waxtonz
3x3x5 InsanityLooks like a Ghost 3x3x5 but is a ghosted Siamese 3x3x3.
Asrael MadnessA ghosted semi twsted cube with a very weird bandage and stickers
Bump Clover PyraminxA bumped version of the Clover Pyraminx.

Cadejo CubeA 3x3x3 transformed into a strange cuboid
Chaos JewelA bandaged hexagonal dipyramid.
Evil Twins MirrorThe bumped version of the Evil Twins.

Gear Master ExtremeThe Gear Cube Extreme reshaped into a pillowed Mastermorphix.
Ghost DiamondA 2x2x3 ghosted and in shape of a rhombic prism.
Insanity HouseA 3x3x3 that combines three different concepts of shape variants.

Mirror ShiftThe bumped version of the Gear Shift
Mitclan SadnessA 2x2x2 modelled after one of the steps of the underworld journey according to aztec mythology.
Penrose BihedronA Void Cube truncated down to just two sides with readded face pieces.

Proportional 2x3x3 TwystAn I-Cube that was reshaped into a spiraled shape.
ProtomoidA megaminx reduced on two sides and bandaged on ten corners.
ProvidenceA irregular convex solid that was ghosted and added with sculptures of horror images.

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