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Patricio Sidgman Rivera
2x4x5 Fisher iThis is a modification of the 4x4x5 i. By joining the pieces together a 2x4x5 i can be obtained.
2x4x6 FisherThis cuboid is a 2x4x6 to which the Fisher concept has been applied.
2x4x6 Fisher Brick WallThis is a 2x4x6 Fisher cuboid with 90 degree turns interspersed between the 2x6 and 4x6 sections which creates a pattern similar to that of a brick wall.

2x4x6 Fisher WindmillThis is a 2x4x6 Fisher cuboid with a different starting state.
3x4x6 Brick WallA 6x6x6 bandaged into a 3x4x6 cuboid and five layers turned by 90 degree just like in the wall cube.
5x5x5 Illusion ballA spherical 5x5x5 with two colours. It allows a multitude of patterns.

6x6x6 Illusion StickerlessThe illusion cube with 6 layers. Made from two mass produced samples.
Fisher 2x4x4 IIA Fisher 4x4x4 bandaged like a 2x4x4 perpendicular to the main axis.
Futurama cubeA 3x3x3 covered with icons of some characters from the series futurama.

Hunter ZTwo 2x4x6s combined and bandaged.

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