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Bozhao Chen
2-Layer Penrose CubeA bandaged 5x5x5 with a shape modified like the Penrose Cube.
Chimera DinoA combination of Dino Cube with pieces of Redi Cube, Curvy Compino and BriliCube II. A stragely bandaged puzzle.
Clover Dino CubeA Dino Cube with plastic plates attached to make it look like Clover Cube.

Dino EyeA Dino Cube with four turns that look like a Rex Illusion Cube. A non-bandaged puzzle.
Dino Eye II (Open-eye)The Dino Eye with pieces seemingly split up.
Eye Skewb IIA Eye Skewb with two holes cut into the face pieces.

Fish SkewbA skewb modified like a Windmill cube.
Half CompinoA combination of Dino Cube and Curvy Compino. A non-bandaged puzzle.
Hidden Edge DinoA Rainbow Cube which corners have visible orientation and which pretends to be a 2x2x2.

Lite Pandora CubeA 3x3x3 with edges rendered into invisibility.
Phi DinoA Dino cube with circles on every face cut up like ?, the greek letter phi.
Roux CubeLooks like a reimplemented Tie Cube but is a 3x3x3 with a new type of bandaging.

Split Leaf DinoAn elaborate equivalent to the Rainbow cube.
Super Pandora CubeA 4x4x4 with some pieces exposed and others hidden. It still works like 4x4x4 but has a challenging exterior.
Windmill Rhombic DodecahedronA rhombic dodecahedral 3x3x3 turned by some degress inside of its solid.

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