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Joseph Bencic
3x3x5 Edge-breakerA bandaged 5x5x5 somewhere half-way to the 3x5x5.
3x6x9 Unicorn CuboidA 1x2x3 customly painted to look like a 3x6x9.
88 miles per hourA 3x3x3 that was customly modified and customly painted to allude to the famous movie "Back to the future".

A Kiss is not just a KissA 1x2x3 painted with a scheme inspired by Gustav Klimt.
Airwolf CubeA repainted Copter Tower
Alexandria ExperimentA Pyramorphix repainted based on self-written sci-fi-story.

AnubisA truncated Windmill cube repainted with a theme based on the pharaonian underworld.
ArchimedesA skewb mod transformed back into a skewb and redesigned into an owl from a famous novel.
Baby OctopusA 3x3x3 with extra cubies painted to resemble a Baby Octopus.

BinaryA mass produced Axis cube repainted to resemble a binary star system.
BipolarA customly painted version of the Beveling Axis Cube.
By the Power of GreyskullA bandaged shape-modified 3x3x3 customly painted with a theme from He-Man.

Chaos SpectrumA Dino Cube truncated not fully into a Rainbow Cube and painted with abstract art inspired by the 1920s.
CitadelA 3x3x3 modelled after a medieval castle.
Citadel 2 - Dragon AttackA 3x3x3 in shape of a castle and painted with a classic fantasy scenario.

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