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Tim Fitzrandolph
4x4x4 Cutaway CubeA 4x4x4 with cutaway parts that unveil the inner 3x3x3 of this specific design.
Airlock 20The simplest possible edge turning dodecahedron implemented in an extremely strange mechanism.
Airlock 6The simplest possible edge turning cube implemented in an extremely strange mechanism.

Anti Penta TowerA pentagonal prism with an elaborate shape that fits this symmetry.
Babylon TabletAn amazing combination of a moving hole puzzle and intersecting circles.
BowlminxOne half of a megaminx turned inside out into the shape of a bowl.

CurveminxA Pyraminx in a radically concave shape.
Deca CrownAn edge turning dodecahedron, hollowed and radically truncated on two sides and with only ten edges turning.
Dual LoopsTwo intersecting rings with one or two independent rings depending on the circle in the middle.

Floppy DonutA 2-layer nonagonal prism in shape and appearance of a Donut.
Floppy Fidget ChainA 1x2xN combined with a chain for fidgeting.
Fortune FloppyA folding puzzle combined with some simple twist moves. It is an amazing combination of mechanisms.

Four BarrelA 2x2x2 with two additional types of turns. A very strange fellow.
IcosaFlowerA puzzle equivalent to the Alexander's Star but with wavy-style cuts.
Inside Track 1Four intersecting circles plus one ring of marbles.

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