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Bumpish 3x3x3 (bandaged 4x4x4)A 4x4x4 bandaged into something resembling a 3x3x3.
Diagonal 2x2x2A 2x2x2 where the pairing colour is placed on the cubic diagonal.
HexcopteroidA two-layered hexagonal prism with three different kinds of turns.

Magic ChangeA 6x6x6 bandaged into something like PocketChange cube.
Overlapping AI CubeA combination of the two namegiving puzzles.
Penrose BicubeA bandaged cube shaped like the Penrose Cube.

Penrose Fisher cubeA shape variant of a shape variant: A Fisher Cube treated like a Penrose Cube.
Scramble Ghost Floppy CubeA scrambable version of the Ghost Cube 1x3x3 also viewable as a ghosted version of the Super Floppy Pentagonal 1x3x3.
Square-1.25A square puzzle looks like a square-1, but with one quarter of the square-2.
(1+1+1+2)/4 = 1.25.

Square-1.75A square puzzle looks like a square-2, but with one quarter of the square-1.
(2+2+2+1)/4 = 1.75.

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