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Skewb J26A Skewb in the shape of the Gyrobifastigium.
Skewby Copter OctahedronThe Skewby Copter shape transformed into an octahedron.
Skewby DuoThe face pattern of Rob's Tetrahedron (Pyraminx Duo) applied to a hexahedron, and named to evoke childhood memories.

Skewby Multi-dodecahedronA Void Pentultimate with a Pyraminx Crystal built into the Void.
Smallest Siamese cubeTwo mass produced cubes of 10 mm fused into the smallest siamese cubes known so far.
Snap On ToolsAdvertising for the tool manufacturer of the same name.

Sofa Windmill Chaos MirrorA Windmill Cube bumped, bandaged and truncated with a creative sticker scheme.
Soph's DiamondThe Curvy Copter Plus in shape of a hexagonal dipyramid.
Space BarSimple cornerless 3x3x3 with six single-colour cubie bars

Spalt CubeA 2x2x4 turned into a pattern and redesigned into something akin a bandaged 2x4x4.
Spalt Cube FisherThe Fishered variant of the Spalt Cube.
Spectrolite GemThe Whirlpool Cube transformed into a shape with which it is a face turning puzzle.

Spherical Mirror 2x2x2A 2x2x2 bumped and reshaped into a sphere.
Spherical ToruThe Toru redesigned into the shape of a sphere.
Spinning CrossOne moving hole, nine rotating pieces and a mechanism to rotate them.

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