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EC2006 PinA giveaway from the European Rubik's Championships 2006 event in Paris.
Envelope SkewbA multiple-truncated Ultimate Skewb.
Flexible TetragonA 8-tile-magic stringed in a way that it enables a state impossible to the normal 2x4-magic.

Frustr8torSeveral different "8 queens" puzzles usually played on a chess board.
Giant SkewbA skewb with 120 mm edge length.
GigaminxThe face turning dodecahedron with two layers per face. A Megaminx with an additional layer on each face.

Halfcut CubeA Rubiks Cube with one edge truncated and two sets of pieces glued on.
Helicopter Cube (aka Bevel Cube)The first edge turning hexahedron, now a classic puzzle.
Hexagonal Dipyramid 4x4x4A 4x4x4 truncated six times. The shape gives the name of the puzzle.

Hexagonal Prism (3x3x3)A 3x3x3 in shape of a hexagonal prism.
Hybrid MagicA Rubiks magic that can be solved as a regular Rubik's magic, or as a "create the cube"-magic.
Icosidodecahedron SkewbA Skewb Ultimate truncated into the name giving solid.

Inverted MegaminxA megaminx with heavily reduced corners.
Leaning TowerAn Ufo transformed into the shape of a parallelepiped or a triangular prism.
Magic Ball (world maps)Five spherical 2x2x2s, each depicting a stylized world map with five different pandas as keychain attachments.

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