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7-Color Magic Puzzle FT-117With varying numbers of dots. Could be called "Massage Ball for the Blind".
Case Cube (Box Cube)An extended version of the "Octagon/Cube".

ComboSimilar in concept to a number of other puzzles.
Crystal 3x3x3 C4Extended version of the normal Crystal 3x3x3.
Cube In SphereCross between Rubik's Cube and Rubik's Sphere. Hand crafted mutation cube.

Entanglement 3x3x3All corner pieces are connected in pairs with a rope between them. This 3x3x3 is not bandaged by the ropes but the can be easily entangled.
Extended Cuboctahedron54 Cuboctahedron cubies stuck onto a slightly modified standard 3x3x3.
France 98 Keychain PuzzleballThe smaller variant made for the soccer championship 1998 in France.

Friki CubeA 2x2x2 truncated into the shape of a cuboctahedron
House 2x2x2A 2x2x2 with extensions that allow many different shapes.
Lethal WeaponThis is just a shape transformation to a 3x3x3 cube. It is similar to the theme of the Extended Cube.

Magic JackSlide the 26 cubes around to solve this puzzle in one of three ways.
Master Cube, TiledMefferts 1994 version of the 4x4x4. With tiles instead of stickers.
Masterball IQ (Promo)A Masterball made to advertise the movie "I.Q."

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