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Rubik's Brain GameUse logic & deduction to solve the hidden color code. Ssimilar to the Mastermind game.
Rubik's Cube (Politoys, with advertisements)Four promotional cubes produced by Politoys.
Rubik's MateVariant of Siamese Cubes produced and sold during the original cube craze by Ideal.

Tajne RubikoveCudesne Kocka
15 Sistema
Njenog Sredivanja
The Fast PyramidDramatic breakthrough in pyramid solution

The XFive parallel disks must be rotated correctly to make the egg stand upright. There is also a version named "Columbus' EGG".
The amazing cubeA cube produced as merchandising for the animated series of 1983.
Twisted Octagonal Prism (Octagonal Edges E8000140003)A 3x3x3 truncated on 4 edges and afterwards extended. The result has an unknown shape.

Ultimate, Rubik's Wahn, Master RevengeInvented by Udo Krell. Produced in Hong Kong.
UriblockSlide puzzle related to Rubik's XV and Tsukuda's Square.
VHS Video Rubik The Amazing CubeVHS tapes of the 1983s animated television series

Volshebnaia TsepochkaAnother soviet version of Rubik's Snake with a carboard package.
Vosmerka (coloured version)A coloured version of the Hungarian Rings of soviet origin. It came in at least four different body colours.

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