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Six-Sided: Cube (Shape Preserving)
Split Leaf DinoAn elaborate equivalent to the Rainbow cube.
Spotted CubeA contur cut 3x3x3 inspired by the Valentine Cube.
Star Circle CubeA circle cube with pentagonally divided circles.

Star Cube IIThis puzzle combines Compy Cube with six faces resembling the megaminx.
Stone SkewbA uniformly colored Skewb looking like stone.
Sudoku Dino CubeA sudoku variant of the classic Dino cube with a surprising constraint.

Super Babyface 3x3x3A scrambable 1x1x1
Super Helicopter CubeA Super Helicopter Cube. The stickers are handmade in the well-known style created by Stefan Pochmann.
Super IvyAn Ivy Cube with 'super' stickers to show the orientation of the faces.

Super Ivy (QiYi MoFangGe)Redesign of the Rex Cube with larger centres and petals and additional stabilisation features.
Super Ivy CubeA simple transformation of the Ivy Cube which makes the orientation of the ellipsis visible.
Super Ivy Eye (IVI)Additional cuts and stickering on an Ivy Eye raises the complexity of the Ivy Cube (Eye Skewb) to that of a Skewb Ultimate

Super Ivy RexSuper stickering scheme applied to a Super Ivy (QiYi), essentially a Rex cube.
Super MA hybrid puzzle combining the Dino Cube, the Skewb (thereby reimplementing the Dino Skewb) and the 2x2x2.
Super RexA Helicopter Cube truncated into a cylinder except for the four tips.

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