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Six-Sided: Cube (Shape Preserving)
SkewbThe deepcut corner turning cube.
Skewb 3x3x3A hybrid puzzle which combines the cuts of a skewb and a 3x3x3.
Skewb ChestAfter the Treasure Skewb another Skewb which can be opened but this time with a different turn.

Skewb IllusionThe concept of the Illusion cube applied to a skewb.
Skewb Key ChainThe key chain size version of the popular Mefferts puzzle. Very useful for numerous mods.
Skewb-cube (pillowed)The pillowed version the skewb.

SkewbicA 3D-printed tiny Skewb with edge length 10 mm.
Skewbie CubeTo quote the inventor: "Cubies are overrated."
Skewby Copter 3A hybrid between Skewb and Curvy Copter 3. Rhomdo Transformer in shape of a cube.

Skewby Copter PlusA hybrid of the Skewb and the Curvy Copter Plus. It adds one level of unbandaging to an already complex hybrid puzzle.
Skewby DuoThe face pattern of Rob's Tetrahedron (Pyraminx Duo) applied to a hexahedron, and named to evoke childhood memories.
Slice SkewbThis puzzle combines a Skewb and Slice-Only 3x3x3.

Slidey 2x2x2It looks similar to a Babyface puzzle but it works like an edges only 3x3x3.
Sliding Super Square-1A Square-1 with only three layers but with a modified core that allows the sliding move.
Solver's ChopA heavily restricted Super Z, redesigned for the sake of proving a mathematical point.

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