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Six-Sided: Cube (Shape Preserving)
Seven cubeThe Compy Skewb plus trivial tips.
Sevens 6x6x7A 6x6x6 with some internal pieces undisclosed to create a cuboid.
Shell CubeA hybrid puzzle that combines the corners turns of a coin cube and the edge turns of the clover cube.

Shepherd's SkewbA sticker variation of a skewb.
Simple Overlapping CubeA 3x3x3 without edges.
Six Spot CubeA contour cut variant of the Ivy Cube.

Six-Eyed Rex CubeA Rex Cube restickered to be a Super Rex Cube with the help of six eye-like motives.
SkewbThe deepcut corner turning cube.
Skewb 3x3x3A hybrid puzzle which combines the cuts of a skewb and a 3x3x3.

Skewb ChestAfter the Treasure Skewb another Skewb which can be opened but this time with a different turn.
Skewb IllusionThe concept of the Illusion cube applied to a skewb.
Skewb Key ChainThe key chain size version of the popular Mefferts puzzle. Very useful for numerous mods.

Skewb-cube (pillowed)The pillowed version the skewb.
SkewbicA 3D-printed tiny Skewb with edge length 10 mm.
Skewbie CubeTo quote the inventor: "Cubies are overrated."

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