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Six-Sided: Cube (Shape Preserving)
Micro 24-CubeAlso known as "Little Chop" but with an edge length of just 30 mm.
Micro SkewbA Skewb ith 23 mm edge length
Missing Edge VoidA Void Cube with one edge removed. It works like a bandaged Void Cube.

Modular CubeA Skewb 3x3x3 that was redesigned and bandaged. Implements PSL(3,2)
Monkey-Cat cubeA simple hybrid combining two symmetrical cuts of corner turning hexahedron with three copter cuts.
Multi-24-CubeThe concept of the Multi-Puzzles applied to a 24 cube.

Multi-2x2x2+SkewbCould be viewed as a shape variant of the Super Z if there weren't the inner pieces resembling the Master Skewb.
Multi-Rex PuzzleA Rex Cube with the inner compy cube exposed.
Multi-SkewbYears after the Multi-Dodecahedron the same concept for the corner turning cubes was realized.

Multi-Star Wheel CubeA cube with hybrid axis system. The face turning parts allows for fractional angles of 45.
Multirex PlusThe Rex Cube with two additional pieces exposed.
NecronomicubeA Pentacle Cube painted customly to resemble the Necronomicon.

No Circle, No SkewbA corner turning hexahedron. Similar to the Super Ivy (QiYi) or Skewby Duo Plus, but with a different outer cut pattern.
Norsk KubAnother version of the boob cube.
O CubeA Skewb in a cage so that only the face pieces have to be solved.

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