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Six-Sided: Cube (Shape Preserving)
113+3 a Geoda cubeSimple hybrid combining 2 symmetrical curvy cuts, corner turning hexahedron with 3 copter cuts. Presented like here it is equivalent to a triangular prism.
113+3 ab Geoda cubeSimple hybrid puzzle that combines two opposite cuts taken of a corner turning hexahedron with three curvy copter cuts.
113+6 Geoda cubeHybrid puzzle combining two symmetrical curvy cuts, corner turning hexahedron with six copter cuts.

1x3x3Years before the Floppy Cube bandaging a 3x3x3 was the best way to create this easy puzzle, perfect for newcomers.
2x2x16Another entry in the ever growing series of 2x2xN puzzles. This one retains its shape as a cube. Therefore the pieces are not cubies but cuboids.
2x2x2 Ball in a CubeA puzzle which looks like the "Ball in a cube" with one dimension smaller.

2x2x2 Circle CubeThe second circle puzzle made after the Crazy 4x4x4.
2x2x2 Coin CubeA face and corner turning hybrid with three and two cuts per axis.
2x2x2 clock PuzzleA 2x2x2 with two circles out of 12 segments.

2x2x2+Elite SkewbA hybrid puzzle that combines one face turning cut with three corner turning cuts.
2x2x2+RexThe Rex Cube combined with a 2x2x2.
2x2x50Puzzle like these are designed for the design's sake.

3 Petals 2 Leafs cubeSimple modification of the 4-Leaf-Clover Cube which adds two corner turns.
3x3x3 + Compy CubeA hybrid cube with an amazing six types of pieces.
3x3x3 + SkewbA 3x3x3 combined with a skewb but with more shallow face turns than the first sample.

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