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NxNxN: 5x5x5
Professor BiCubeSimilar bandaging as the BiCube applied to a 5x5x5.
Professor Cube (grooved tiles)Meffert's 1998 tiled version.
Professor Cube (no white side)Professor Cube. Invented by Udo Krell. This one has no white side. Produced in Hong Kong.

Professor Cube (Tsukuda)Version by Tsukuda.
Professor QuintameseA bandaged 5x5x5 that simulates the Quintamese 5x5x5.

Pseudo 10x10x10A sticker scheme to create confusion. A 5x5x5, inspired by a 6x6x6 but stickered to resemble a 10x10x10.
Pseudo Dice 5x5x5A 3x3x3 covered with dice to make it look like a 5x5x5.
Rubik's 5x5x52002 edition.

Rubik's Studio 5x5x5The new retooled version of Rubik's Revenge produced in Hungary by Rubik's Studio
Rubik's Studio 5x5x5 (Japanese edition)The new retooled version of Rubik's Wahn produced in China under license of SevenTowns
Rubik's WahnEarly Arxon version. Alternatively labeled: "The very ultimate in cube puzzles"

Rubik's Wahn IITexts on the package are in german.
Semi fischer 5x5x5A 5x5x5 of which three layers have been turned and reshaped to fit the unchanged top and bottom layers.
Shepherd 5x5x5The stickering scheme of the Shepherd cube applied to a 5x5x5

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