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Six-Sided: Cuboid
Overlapping CuboidThe concept of the Overlapping Cube applied to 2x4x4.
Overlapping FloppyA Floppy Cube modified to resemble the Overlapping Cube.
Ozonic 1x2x3A 1x2x3 "reduced to the max".

Pancake cubeA 3x3x4 was transformed by removing some pieces and exposing some others.
Phantom CubeA fully functional 3x3x4 by Katsuhiko Okamoto.
Phantom Mirror blockThe concept of the Bump Cube applied to a 3x3x4.

Phantom master mirror blocksA bumped variant of the mass produced 4x4x5 cuboid.
PillarminxA Pyraminx in the shape of a cuboid.
Pillarminx DoubleA Master Skewb fishered and elongated on two sides.

PlutonioA reimplemented Tricky Disky, designed to look like a cuboid.
Pompon 2x2x3A 2x2x3 covered with pompons.
Professor Mental FlopThe fourth mental flop, built up from a 3x3x5.

Proportional 2 layer professor mental flopA shape mod of a 2x3x3 cuboid. The fifth mental flop.
Proportional 2x4x4 (bandaged 4x4x4)A 4x4x4 bandaged and customly extended with cubies of size 33 mm. It moves differently than it seems at first glance.
Proportional 2x6x6 with wrinklesA 2x6x6 with cracks. It looks like a split proportional one, but some of those lines are fake and are hiding the wider edges.

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