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Six-Sided: Cuboid
Mirror WallA bandaged Bump Cube (aka: Mirror Blocks) with extensions.
Mirror i-CubeA Bump Cube with the bandaging pattern of the i-Cube
Mixup 2x3x3A 2x3x3 which allows Mixup moves.

Mixup 3x3x4Another Mixup puzzle by the (re-)inventor of the Mixup Cube. This time a 3x3x4 was "mixed up".
Mosaic BlockA cuboid, but a corner turning one.
N-CubeA 3x3x4 with some external pieces truncated and internal pieces stickered.

Non-straight 1x1x6A 1x1x6 with the pieces attached by 90
Not-So-Square-1Could also be named "Bump Square-1"
Odd Extended 3x3x5A 3x3x3 with two additional layers glued onto it just by extension.

One Layer Square-1The one layered cousin of the three-, four- and two-layered variants. Made from a puck.
One Plane extended CubeA Rubiks Cube extended in one dimension.
One Plane truncated CubeA Rubiks Cube truncated in one dimension.

OrchidA puzzle with multiple origins, nineteen different moves in three different sets.
Otter CubeA split bandaged 1x2x3 offset similarly to the zock cube.
Overlapping 3x3x5A 3x3x4 (which is based on a 3x3x5) is modified like the Overlapping 4x4x4 was made out of a mass produced 4x4x4.

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