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Six-Sided: Cuboid
4x4x7Another cuboid of dimensions which had been unthinkable years ago.
4x4x8A cuboid with more than 200 pieces.
4x4x8 IIA bandaged 8x8x8 with 3D printed extensions.

4x4x9A half regular cuboid from Grégoire Pfennigs series of cuboids of 2012.
4x5x5The "biggest" cuboid in the range of N<=5.
4x5x5 (mass produced)The first mass produced 4x5x5.

4x5x5 CamouflageThis 5x5x5 has resin dice glued on multiple sides to make it look like a 4x5x5.
4x5x6The (fully functional) logical next step after 1x2x3, 2x3x4 and 3x4x5 cuboids.
4x5x6 (truncated)A fully functional cuboid hand made from a 6x6x6.

4x5x6 Floppy I-Cube ExtremeA bandaged 6x6x6 with three layers removed on two sides.
4x5x7A fully functional cuboid made by customly reducing a 7x7x7.
4x6x6A fully functional cuboid with half-regular dimensions.

4x6x6 (Bandaged 6x6x6)A 6x6x6 truncated and bandaged to emulate a 4x6x6.
4x6x73D-printed extensions glued onto a 8x8x8.
4x6x7 (truncated)A fully functional cuboid hand made from a 7x7x7 by removing layers.

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