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Six-Sided: Cuboid
3x4x5The long awaited bigger brother of the 2x3x4. Unlike all the previous 3x4x5s, this isn't a cubie chaos out of 2 siamese cubes but a fully finctional 3x4x5 cuboid.
3x4x5 Floppy I-cube ExtremeA bandaged 5x5x5 with three layers removed on two sides.
3x4x5 i-CubeA 5x5x5 bandaged and truncated into something akin a 3x4x5.

3x4x6A 3x4x6, custom made from a mass produced 4x4x6 cuboid.
3x4x6 (olzed)Another "olzed" cuboid.
3x4x6 (proportional)Another cuboid designed by Grégoire Pfennig. compared with the predecessor it is proportional.

3x4x6 protocuboidA 6x6x6 extended into a cuboid.
3x4x7Designed and printed to fill a slot.
3x5x5 (olzed)If the inevitable "olzing" is ignored this is the first proportional 3x5x5.

3x5x5 (proportional)The first perfectly proportional 3x5x5.
3x5x5 (quasi olzed)A fully functional cuboid handmade from a 5x5x5 without square tiling on top and bottom.
3x5x5 (square olzed)A design for the 3x5x5 which utilizes a completey new technique.

3x5x5 (truncated)A pillowed version of the 3x5x5. Made from a 5x5x5.
3x5x5 Fisher CubeA 3x5x5 fishered which means it was turned inside of its solid.
3x5x5 Mirror HorrorA 5x5x5 bandaged into a 3x5x5 and transformed into a horror puzzle.

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