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Puzzle Related: Miscellaneous Stuff
Singmaster's pinsA series of pin which were designed and distributed by David Singmaster during the original cube craze.
Skewb in a bottleA skewb assembled in a jar.

Speedcubing Kit from MegahouseA standard cube sold with screw drivers and lubricant.
Spin CubeletA Fidget Spinner in shape of a single cubie.
Stamp (Donald Duck playing the Cube)A stamp depicting an angry Donald Duck who is seemingly unable to solve a Rubiks Cube. From Lesotho (southern africa).

Swarovski Cube PendantA necklace sized 3x3x3 cube that functions like a 1x1x3. Apparently created by the Swarovski Crystal company.
The Idiots Solution To The Rubiks CubeNot a book but a set of labels to "solve" the cube.
The Rubik's Collection (collection packaging)Package collecting three twistypuzzles from the matchbox-era.

The solution - Child's playAn audio casette with a solution spoken by Calum Mclean.
Tote BagA tote bag produced by Ideal Toy Cororation during the original cube craze.
Tournament MedalIdeal Toy Corporation U.S. National Rubik's Cube Tournament Medal!

USB StickA USB-Stick which pretends to be a 1x1x3.
VHS Video Rubik The Amazing CubeVHS tapes of the 1983s animated television series
WC2003 BackpackA giveaway from the World Rubik's Games Championships 2003 event in Toronto.

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