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Other Shapes: Sphere
Sphere UltimateA Pentultimate in the shape of a sphere. Built by the original designer of the Pentultimate.
Sphere-1A Square-1 in shape of a sphere.
Spherical 3x3x3 Ball Cube with small cornersA mass produced piece shuffle of differently sized spherical 3x3x3s.

Spherical Mirror 2x2x2A 2x2x2 bumped and reshaped into a sphere.
Spherical ToruThe Toru redesigned into the shape of a sphere.
Spherical TuttminxA spherical version of the Tuttminx.

Spherical Tuttminx 66A Tuttminx in spherical shape with the pentagons replaced by hexagons.
Spiderless Little ChopA Little Chop without spider and magnets.
Stalk BallA Rubiks Sphere with the corner pieces hidden under customized plastic sheet.

Star ball 24A spherical version of the Little Chop, designed for mass production.
Star Cap MasterballBoth center layers on this USA Masterball variation are all white.
Starball DreamballA Dreamball puzzle.

StingrayProbably the most simple edge and corner turning cube in shape of a sphere.
Sudoku MasterballThe concept of Sudoku applied to a Masterball.
Super Pyraminx BallA hollow sphere with tetrahedral axis system that allows 60-turns.

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