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Tsukuda Original
Japanese Jumbo 2x2x2 CubeJapanese version of the jumbo sized 2x2x2, distributed by Tsukuda Original.
Magic SnakeThe japnese version produced by Tsukuda Original in license of Politoys.

McDonald's (mini)A mini cube depicting motives of McDonald's.
Mini Rubik's Cube - Japanese VersionPackaging labeled with japanese text. Distributed by Tsukuda Original.
Missing Link (Tsukuda)Tsukuda Original's 1981 release of the Missing Link.

Professor Cube (Tsukuda)Version by Tsukuda.
Puzzle Avenger (asian version)This Puzzler was made in Taiwan (not for sale in the U.S.A.)
Rubik's CbueA very tiny 1x1x3 which pretends to be a Mini cube. Please note the spelling error on the packaging.

Rubik's Hello Kitty Pocket CubeRubik's Hello Kitty Pocket Cube, imported from Japan.
Rubik's World (Tsukuda Original)Version by Tsukuda Original with slightly embossed continents.

Seibu Lions 2x2x2A keychain 2x2x2 advertising the Seibu Lions, a japanese baseball team.
The Lost WorldA promotional 3x3x3 published for the second Jurassic Park movie.
Tokyo Disney Resort 25 AnniversaryA cube showing Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse. Made 25 years after Disney Resort Tokyo was opened.

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