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Jumbling only axis system (based on catalan solid)
Clover bandageA clover Cube with one half of the possible turns bandaged in a single block.
Clover tetrahedron plusAn unbandaged clover tetrahedron or a shape transformation of the Bi Yi Niao Cube.
Collider CubeA face turning tetrakis hexahedron in the shape of a cube.

Collider DodecahedronA face turning pentakis dodecahedron in the shape of a regular dodecahedron. A jumbling only puzzle.
Collider OctahedronA jumbling only puzzle based on the triakis octahedron.
Collider RhombdoA rhombic dodecahedron with 48 axes of rotation.

Collider TetrahedronA face turning triakis tetrahedron in the shape of a tetrahedron.
Corner of AndromedaAn Andromeda cube reduced to three axes.
Corner turning snub cubeA strange axis system implemented with a puzzle of strange shape.

Cornerless Clover TetrahedronA variant of the Clover Tetrahedron without corners, headed for mass production.
Cosmic GemA face turning Deltoidal Icositetrahedron with the same cutting depth but simpler than the preceeding "Deranged Dark Matter".
CosminxThe concept of the Trifurcation cube applied to a dodecahedron with some unbandaging.

Curvy Clover CubeThe Trifurcation Cube redesigned to resemble the Curvy Hexagram.
Curvy DinoBramThe DinoBram without overhang bandaging and central corners made visible.
Curvy hexagramA redesigned Clover Tetrahedron with differently placed cuts.

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