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Void Cube
Lite CubeA 3x3x3 which can glow in the dark. In this case it works without fluorescent stickers but with a switchable battery driven light source.
Menger VoidThe 2nd iteration fo the Menger Sponge turned into a puzzle.
Missing Edge VoidA Void Cube with one edge removed. It works like a bandaged Void Cube.

Super Void CubeKind of a contradiction in a cube: A cube without centers and core was stickered to make the orientation of the core visible.
Thunder CubeIt looks like a regular Void Cube but allows corner cutting like a speed cube.
Void 2x2x32x2x3 pieces and six holes.

Void BallA Void cube transformed into a sphere like shape.
Void CubeA 3x3x3 with a hole through the center.
Void MasterMorphixThis is a Void Cube with extensions that give it the shape of a tetrahedron.

Void Penrose 3x3x3A redesigned Void Cube with the shape of a Penrose Cube and faces with visible orientations.
Void PuzzleThe 2012-version of the Void Cube.
Void UbeA Void Cube with two edges removed. It works like a bandaged Void Cube.

Void Windmill CubeVoid Windmill Cube is made from 3d printed extentions glued onto a mass produced Void Cube.

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