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Missing Link
Missing Link (Tsukuda)Tsukuda Original's 1981 release of the Missing Link.
Missing Link Key ChainThe 1982 official keychain variant of Missing Link released by Ideal.
Missing Link Key Chain CloneA 60 mm knock-off with reflective paint on the chain links.

Missing Link Necklace (aka Link Puzzler)A 36 mm Missing Link knockoff, sold with a necklace chain. Came in a variety of different packages depicting different sports.
Monkey-DooA small knock-off of Missing Link with a key chain.
Nedostaiushchee ZvenoThe soviet version of Missing Link.

Sherman Sliding PuzzleA 2x4-Missing-Link puzzle modelled after a character from an animated movie.
Short Missing LinkA modified Missing Link with two layer but the size of one layer.
Spongebob 2x4Burger King's 2 layer Missing Link type of puzzle, used to promote the Spongebob movie.

Super Missing LinkMade by using parts from three Missing Link puzzles.
Volshebnaia TsepA highly unusual Missing Link from the soviet union.

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