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Dual Solve MegaminxA Megaminx stickered to have two solutions.
Earth MegaminxA megaminx custom stickered like a geographic view of planet earth.
Edges Only MegaminxA megaminx where the corners are hidden.

EggaminxExtended megaminx, modified form, convert into an egg.
EggminxA megaminx in shape of an egg with haindpainted markings.
Elvi-bandaged MegaminxA megaminx bandaged with 18 bonds.

Faceless Megaminx Rhombic TriacontahedronA megaminx transformed into a rhombic triacontahedron. The face pieces are made invisible.
Fisher HexaminxA fishered Hexaminx, a Hexaminx twisted inside of its solid by 45.
Five-MinxA phoenix dodecahedron painted to not look stickerless anymore.

Flower MegaminxA straightforward shape variant of the megaminx with spherical cuts.
Four-Colour ArrowminxA megaminx customly painted with four colours and two black lines per side.
Fully Twisted MegaminxFully Twisted Megaminx with 72 turns

Ghost HexaminxA megaminx put in midturn and reshaped into a cube.
Ghost MegaminxThe dodecahedral brother of the Ghost Cube. Made from a megaminx.
GloballReminds one of the Alexander's Star but it behaves like an inverted faceless megaminx

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