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Bicono megaminxA megaminx in shape of a bicone. This one has two distinct tip-pieces.
BowlminxOne half of a megaminx turned inside out into the shape of a bowl.
BubbleMinxA Megaminx designed from scratch with wavy cuts.

Bump MegamoidA Megamoid that was "bumped".
CentroidminxThe dodecahedral successor of the Centroid. A megaminx in shape of ten intersecting cylinders with twenty cylinders.
Chimera MegaminxA Megaminx in the shape of a Chimera solid: half of a dodecahedron and half of an icosahedron glued together.

ChinaminxA chinese cloned reimplementation of the hungarian supernova.
CirqueminxA megaminx truncated into something barrel-like.
Column MegaminxA megaminx in shape of a cylinder.

Compound StarA megaminx with extensions on the face pieces.
Constrained MegaminxThe dodecahedral cousin of the Constrained Cube.
Corner-Ultimate MegaminxA 20-color megaminx that has been "ultimatized".

Cube Minx IIA megaminx transformed into the shape of hexahedron but with differently oriented axis system.
CubeminxA megaminx shaped like a pillowed hexahedron. Oriented differently compared with the Hexaminx.
Cubic Megaminx (aka Bowtie Minx)A truncated megaminx.

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