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PentatrisA megaminx in shape of a pentagonal antiprism.
Phantom MegamixA stickerless ''Megaminx'' stickered with black stickers.
Pillowed HexaminxA pillowed version of the Hexaminx.

Pillowed Octahedron (Megaminx)The second megaminx in octahedral shape. This one was made in CAD with a pillowed shape.
Pocket MegaminxA small 3D-printed megaminx.
PocketminxPocketminx aplied the concept of a Corner Pocket to a Megaminx giving it a look of a Megaminx and a Kilominx.

PolarminxA thirty sided truncated megaminx.
Pregnant TetraminxA megaminx in shape of tetrahedron. Less symmetric.
Prism-minxA megaminx in a shape similar but distinctively different to the column megaminx.

ProtomoidA megaminx reduced on two sides and bandaged on ten corners.
PyrainxA Megaminx in shape of a tetrahedron
Pyramid SchemeA megaminx transformed into a shape similar to the Reuleaux tetrahedron.

QuarterminxA bandaged and heavily truncated megaminx. This one has two twistable faces.
Rhombic Triacontahedron MegaminxA megaminx in shape of the name giving solid.
RhombicinxA Megaminx in shape of a Rhombic Dodecahedron

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