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MicrominxA very small megaminx with an edge length of only 7 mm.
MineminxA truncated megaminx in a strange star-like shape.
Mini HexaminxA reimplementation of the Curvy Hexaminx with just 33 mm

MiniminxA 3D-printed small megaminx with 14 mm edge length.
MinxBallMegaminx in shape of a sphere with different size. Went into mass production.
MorningStarMinxThe more radical version of the Mineminx shaped like a medieval weapon.

MorphminxA megaminx twisted by 90 around an edge inside its solid.
NouminxThe concept of the Megamoid implemented halfway.
OctahinxA Megaminx in shape of an octahedron.

OctamegaminxA megaminx redesigned to have the shape of an octahedron but unlike its predecessors, it was twisted inside of its solid.
Pandora DodecahedronThe concept of the Pandora Cube applied to the megaminx.
Peanut MinxA truncation of a megaminx inspired by the Bowtie megaminx and the Peanut Skewb.

Penrose moidLooks like a megamoid but with twelve working sides and a different shape.
Pentagonal Trapezohedron MegaminxA Megaminx with 2 sides "deleted".
PentastarA megaminx without its corners.

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