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Megaminx Icosahedron InwardA megaminx in shape of an icosahedron with faces forced inward to create a star-like shape.
Megaminx InwardA megaminx with faces forced inward to create a star-like shape.

Megaminx Mirror HorrorA Megaminx modified like the Horror Cube. It has two solutions.
Megaminx SlippedA puzzle halfway between the Axis Megaminx and the Ghost Megaminx.
Megaminx SphereMegaminx in shape of a sphere

MegaminxdiikosaederThe predecessor of the Octahinx. A megaminx regularly truncated on eight corners.
MegamitosisTwo megaminxes fused into and puzzle with six turning faces left for each halve.
MegamoidA megaminx minus twenty pieces but still fully functional.

Megamoid IIA megaminx with three sides completely truncated.
MegapentixTwo megaminx's fused together.
MegaRDA Megaminx transformed into the shape of rhombic dodecahedron though on three faces the puzzle still looks like the original megaminx.

MegatwistA shape transformation of the megaminx. Closely related to the Twisted Starminx.
MegtatwinxTwo megaminxes fused to a single puzzle by connecting two corner pieces.
MetamorfixA member of the Globall family. Compared with the Globall ten pieces of the "Flower"-variant replace pieces on the Globall.

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