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Mixup puzzle
Proportional MixupA shape variant of the Mixup Cube. It was designed to have proportional "cubies".
Shallow Mixup CubeA mixup cube with shallower cuts than the traditional mixup cube.
Shallow Mixup deltoidal icositetrahedronThe Shallow Mixup Cube in shape of a deltoidal icositetrahedron is fudged to remove all bandaging.

Shape Shifting 6x6x6A 6x6x6 which allows additional mixup turns.
Soccer SlideThe dodecahedral cousin of the Equator. Related to the Doctor Skewb.
Son-Mum 4x4x4 I CubeThe concept of the Son-Mum Cube (aka Shallow Mixup Cube) applied to the 4x4x4.

Son-Mum 4x4x4 IIAdding a new set of cuts to the Son-Mum 4x4x4 Cube.
Son-Mum II CubeThe successor of the Son-Mum Cube unbandaged by one level.
Split HexThe unbandaged cousin of the Mixup 2x4x4 and the Hex Cube with split up squares.

Split Mixup CubeCan be viewed as a bandaged 4x4x4 Mixup Cube.
SQ224A 4x4x4 in camouflage. In this case it has an extra twist.
Stickered KORA restickered sample of the toy KOR by Geomag.

Super TrimixupA triangular prism with three layers and a mixup turn in the middle layer enabling turns every 40.
Tesseract MixupThe bumped version of the Mixup Cube.
Thorny CubeA Circle Mixup Cube.

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