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Mixup puzzle
5x5x5 MixupA much simpler try on the mixup concept with a higher order cube.
All AroundA puzzle like the "Lord of the Rings":
"One Puzzle to rule them all, One Puzzle to combine them,
One Puzzle to to make them useless"
Bump MixupA bumped version of the Mixup Cube

Doctor CubeA Mixup Cube reduced to the slice moves.
Doctor SkewbA slices-turn-only Mixup Master Skewb. It has 4 possible twists with steps of 30� each.
DuGuXin Mixup Magic CubeA Mixup Cube in shape of a rhombicuboctahedron.

DynamixupA 3x3x3 with connected circles and mixup turns that also affect whether circles turn with or without the rest of the layer.
Fractured DiamondThe Krystian's Skewb (aka Master Skewb Mixup) transformed into an octahedron.
FudballThe dodecahedral cousin of the Doctor Skewb.

GardenA Mixup cube with eight pieces were turned by 90.
Ghost Mixup CubeThe concept of the Ghost Cube applied to the Mixup Cube.
GlobuszA rhombicuboctahedron which behaves similar to the Doctor Cube.

Hedgehog CubeA new design (with magnets) for a puzzle first invented in 1985.
Hex CubeA Mixup Cube with one middle layer deleted and transformed into a half-regular shape.
Hexed MixupA hexagonal prism two layers high. The central hexagons are not fully split (or: bandaged) to make the puzzle work.

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