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Doctrinaire axis system with fractional angles (Prism)
Spiral Fracture-12A hexagonal dipyramid capable of 45 degree turns on the equatorial vertices.
Splintered PrismA one-layered prism with stored cuts that can be used only after 90-turns.
Split 1x2x5A 1x2x5 with eight additional cuts (all on one dimension) and therefore a lot more positions.

Split 1x3x4A 1x3x4-cuboid with two set of pieces split up.
Split 2x3x3A 2x3x3 with the edges cut in half.
Split 2x3x3 IcosahedronA Split 2x3x3 transformed into an icosahedron.

Split 3x3x4A 3x3x4-cuboid which pieces are split up.
Split Fracture-10The Fracture-10 with additional cuts.
Split Fracture-6A Fracture-6 with an additional cut between the two 3-fold corners.

Split Hex DominoA two layered hexagonal prism with additional cuts to allow quarter turns.
Split Pentagonal DominoA two layered pentagonal prism with additional cuts to allow quarter turns.
Star of DavidStar of David names the puzzles shape. It has six axes each with two different types of turns available.

Star SquareAn Ufo with six tips that support 90 turns.
Sunrise SunsetA triangular dipyramid with shallow slices at all five vertices. Three of these allow 90-turns.
TrefoilA two layered cheese with three additional turns giving it the general shape of a Trefoil.

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