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Doctrinaire axis system with fractional angles (Prism)
OctoPentThe cousin of the OctoCube with the shape and the axis system of a pentagonal prism.
Penta Time MachineA pentagonal prism with three sets of cuts, including two circles copied from an unbandaged Square-1.
QuadStarQuadStar is a non-shape-shifting jumbling puzzle based on the snub disphenoid, elongated at the four five-way vertices.

Quartered Edges 2x3x3A 2x3x3 with edges cut into quarters. Could be viewed as a bandaged 6x6x6.
Roto CrystalRotoCrystal is an 18 sided analog of the Fracture-10 puzzle, based on the hexagonal dipyramid.
RotoPrism 2A modified shape with a lower-order slice pattern for the Fracture-6.

RotoPrism 2 (prismatic)RotoPrism 2 (prismatic) is a lower-order shape modification of the Fracture-6 puzzle.
RotoPrism 2 PeekabooA "see-through" variant of RotoPrism 2.
RotoPrism 3 (flat)A modified shape for the Fracture-6 puzzle.

RotoPrism 3 (round)A modified shape for the Fracture-6 puzzle.
RotoPrism HexThree axes which sometimes allow for 60 turns.
RototributeA shallow-cut variant/tribute to David Pitcher's Rotoprism 2.

Shatter-6A fishered Fracture-6.
Sisyphus' StoneHexagonal prism with jumbling moves shaped as a ball.
Spiral FractureSpiral Fracture is a vertex turning pentagonal dipyramid with curved slices.

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