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Doctrinaire axis system with fractional angles (Prism)
Fracture-6Fracture-6 is a six sided analog to the Fracture-10 puzzle.
Fractured Gem IVA hexagonal prism which allows quarter turns. In shape of a hexagonal dipyramid.
Fractured PrismThe Fracture-10 puzzle in shape of a pentagonal prism.

Fractured Prism PlusA pentagonal prism that allows some 90 turns on the five sides.
Ghost Cubic Split Triangular DominoThe ghost concept applied to yet another puzzle, in this case one that has not been implemented yet.
Half Split 2x3x3Reimplementing the Split 2x3x3 but stopping halfway.

Heptagon"The Pentagon" with 7-fold symmetry.
HeptoidThree axes with 180� turns each in a doctrinaire puzzle. With one piece type more than the octoid.
HexcopteroidA two-layered hexagonal prism with three different kinds of turns.

HexFlakeSplit Hex Domino with an additional set of three deep cuts which are NOT parallel to the first.
Ice-9A nine sided puzzle with 6 axes of rotation.
Illegal CubeA pentagonal prism which ignores geometric rules.

Kubik KonfusionA puzzle with three axes with fourfold rotation.
Master Fracture-6A Fracture-6 with an additional layer of cuts.
MoonstoneA Basic Gem with an additional type of turn.

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