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Pattern Matching
Szin TaktikaA variant of Bolygok of unknown origin.
Tantrix RockA 3D tangle-type puzzle with rotating faces
TrapagonSeveral smaller pieces slot together. The goal is that each "face" (centred on the square faces) has five unique colors.

Turn 12 - Baby TurnEight images per dial.
Turn 12 - Kiddy TurnTwelve symbols (out of 9 types) per dial.
Turn 12 - Profi TurnTwenty-four numbers per dial.

Turn 12 - Schloss EinsteinTwelve differently colored symbols per dial.
Turn 12 - Teenie TurnTwenty-four letters (out of set of eleven) per dial.
TwitchitAnother pattern matching puzzle in dodecahedral shape.

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