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2/3 Bump CubeThe concept of the Bump Cube applied on a 2x3x3.
2x2x2 DominoA 2x3x3 modified to look like a 2x2x2. It allows 90�-moves only on one of the axes, like the original puzzle it was made from.
2x2x3 (bandaged 2x3x3)A 2x3x3 bandaged and extended with cubies glued on.

2x3x3Cuboid, made after the original cube craze, first customly from a 3x3x3, then mass produced.
2x3x3 CylinderA 2x3x3 in shape of a cylinder.
2x3x3 Domino Cube IA 2x3x3 that allows a special move unknown for a true cuboid and does not allow the middle turn of the normal 2x3x3.

2x3x3 Domino Cube IIA 2x3x3 that allows a special move unknown for a true cuboid.
2x3x3 FisherA 2x3x3 transformed like a Fisher Cube
2x3x3 Fisher Windmill CubeA 2x3x3 differently modified on its two layers.

2x3x3 Harlequin CupcakeA 2x3x3 in shape of a 2-layered cake with two solutions.
2x3x3 Pacman GhostA 2x3x3 mimicing one of the ghosts from Pacman
2x3x3 WindmillA 2x3x3 transformed like a Windmill Cube

2x3x3 barrelA 2x3x3 designed into the shape of a hexagonal prism.
3x4x4 Camouflage IIA 2x3x3 with cubies glued on three sides letting it resemble a larger cuboid.
Axis BrickAn axised version of the Brick Cube which itself is a Domino with two sides rotated by 90�.

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