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Gear Cube
Ghost Gear CubeThe concept of the Ghost Cube applied to the Gear Cube.
Oskar Geary cubeA Gear cube that pretends to be a standard 3x3x3.
Penrose GearA Gear Cube with the shape of a Penrose Cube.

Pink GearsA sticker variant of the Gear Cube Extreme to make the puzzle easier. It is still not trival though.
Rounded LemonA Gear Cube truncated on two edges.
Steampunk Gear CubeA spraypainted Gear Cube featuring wooden tiles.

Twisted BarrelA Gear Cube truncated on four edges.
Valentine Gear CubeA Gear Cube covered with what looks like the Valentine Cube.
XXL GearcubeA bigger version of the Gear Cube with a very fitting package.

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