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Martin Guadalupe Bueno Alcantar
Sudoku MagicSudoku and numbers
Sudoku PaintIt is a sudoku variation but this sample is labeled differently with 9 colors. None of them should be repeated on any of the 6 faces.
Sudoku RouletteSudoku colors

Super Floppy Flip 2x2x2This is a variant of the Flippy Flip 2x2x2 cube which has been added to the 90 "cut in its levels.
Super ZockA Zock cube with the eight top and bottom pieces split up.
Time Clock RainbowA Square-2 in shape of a barrel.

Tripulante 2x2x2 from among usA 2x2x2 modelled after a character from the video game "Among us".
Wall ZockA combination of Fisherzock and Wildzock into another cube.
WildzockA 2x2x3 in midturn and remodelled into a cube.

Window bucketA 3x3x3 with transparent face pieces and stickers on the inside of the pieces which give the cube two solutions.
Windows Cristal BallA reimplemented Window Bucket without the outer cube.
Zock Barrel IrregularA Zock Cube transformed into a barrel.

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