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Dmitry Andreev
Rotascope - Escher IICustomized Rotascope with a theme based on famous works of M.C. Escher. This time with a non-circular body.
Rotascope (transparent with blue digits)A customized Rotascope with blue digits on the transparent tiles.
Russian RingsTwo intersecting rings of moving marbles plus two intersecting circles.

SadalmelikSix circles which allow turns of 180.
ShaulaThree intersecting circles each with three steps and with different distances between the centers. All that with a doctrinaire puzzle.
Shaula 2An unbandaged version of Shaula.

SiriusTwo intersecting circles with 147 pieces, named after the brightest binary star system on the sky.
Suhail 5Two intersecting circles with steps of 72� and 60� and different radii.
Suhail 6Two intersecting circles with steps of 60 each but with different radii.

Takenoscope 23A Rotascope implemented completely different.
TaygetaThree intersecting circles with one 8-fold rotation and two non-infinite fivefold rotation.
TolimanThree intersecting circles that are differently sized and allow different rotations.

TranspaThree layers of transparent pieces that can be pushed on top or below each other. The goal is to create a specific pattern.
Trio 2An improvemente of the original Trio by clevertoys.
Wooden ellipsoidA 2x2x2 surrounded by pieces of mahogany.

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