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Dmitry Andreev
NEONA bandaging circle puzzle, similar in concept to "Battle Gears".
Olympic Rings (circles)Five intersecting circles with a puzzle theme based on the Olympic Rings.
Orlov fourThe successor of the Orlov with four gears, even with the same middle pieces.

Orlov gearInspired by the gear puzzles from Douglas Engel. Three circles and irregular center pieces.
PandaOne 6-fold rotation and two 3-fold rotations with uncoloured pieces covering an animal as background.
Plectrum & switchThree circles with six tiles. Some turns are blocked by the inner pieces of every circle.

Plectrum DuplexThree circles with six tiles. Duplicated on two sides with one special move to exchange between the two sides.
Plutoscope 3.23A variant of the first Plutoscope (5.1) with three circles.
Plutoscope 4.2A variant of the first Plutoscope (5.1) with four circles.

Plutoscope 4.3A variant of the first Plutoscope (5.1) with four circles.
Plutoscope 5.1Five intersecting circles arranged around a rounded pentagon in the center.
ProcyonTwo intersecting circles rotatable in five steps of unequal angle.

RigelTwo intersecting circles but with two concentric circles of pieces per half.
Rotascope (transparent with blue digits)A customized Rotascope with blue digits on the transparent tiles.
Rotascope - CustomizedThree customized Rotascopes with themes based on the other hobbies of the customer.

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