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Daqing Bao
DaYan Bermuda Cube - VenusThe Venus version of DaYan's Bermuda series.
Dayan Corner OctahedronModern mass produced variant of the "Magic Octahedron" from the eighties. Sold in differently colored versions.
DaYan Gem IAn edge turning hexahedron transformed into the shape of a truncated octahedron which is an archimedean solid.

DaYan Gem IIA hybrid of a 3x3x3 and a helicopter cube.
DaYan Gem IVThe first mass produced face turning octahedron with three cuts per axis although it does not have the octahedrons shape.
DaYan Gem VA mass produced F-Skewb in shape of a biscribed truncated octahedron.

Dayan Gem VIA relative of the Wheel-of-Wisdom in shape of an Alternate Truncated triakis octahedron.
DaYan Gem VIIA mass produced hybrid puzzle which combines face turning and edge turning hexahedron in a solid with 16 sides.
Dayan Gem VIIIA face turning octahedron in shape of a truncated tetrahedron (an archimedean solid) with non-equidistant cuts.

Dayan JewelMass produced remake of the original Magic Jewel.
Hexadecagon 12-axesA face turning truncated triakis tetrahedron, a jumbling only puzzle. This bandaged variant allows only 12 axes to be turned.
Hexadecagon 16-axesA face turning truncated triakis tetrahedron, a jumbling only puzzle.

LaurustinusA rainbow cube in spherical shape and brutally reduced to the edges and nothing more.
Magical BallA puzzle which is solvingwise a subset of the megaminx but uses a completely different pull-and-turn-mechanism.
Master Skewb CubeIt looks like a Master Skewb and turns around its corners but with different cut depths.

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