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Kyler van der Gaag
Axis DominoAn "axised" 2x3x3.
Axis Rhombic DodecahedronAn Axis Cube truncated into a rhombic dodecahedron.
Bump TetrahedronA bump cube transformed into a tetrahedron.

Bump-2A "bumped" Square-2
CirqueminxA megaminx truncated into something barrel-like.
Cornerless 4x4x4A 4x4x4 without the corners but still in hexahedral shape.

Crazy 2x3x3 Fisher Cube A Crazy 2x3x3 twisted by 45 inside of its solid.
Crazy TriangleA Crazy 2x3x3 in shape of a triangular prism.
Distorted DodecahedronA uniformly-colored 3x3x3 in shape of a non-platonic dodecahedron.

Dodecahedral DipyramidA 3x3x3 in shape of a hexagonal dipyramid even furthe truncated.
Domino MastermorphixAn industrial made 2x3x3 transformed into a tetrahedron.
Dragons TearA shape transformation which combines several truncation techniques.

Fisher CuboctahedronA Fisher Cube truncated into a cuboctahedron.
Floppy Case CubeA truncated and extended Floppy Cube.
FT-1A Square-1 non-regular truncated on all corners.

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