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Uwe Mèffert
FELIKS 9A 3x3x3 with a sudoku theme named Kokonotsu cube or FELIKS 9
Jade CubeA special 3x3x3 which comes with becoming a member of Uwe Mefferts Jade Club.
Jade PyraminxSpecial edition of Jings Pyraminx for Meffert's Jade Club members.

Magic Cube PyraminxA knock-off pyraminx with prismatic stickers.
Meffert's Challenge - Prof. CubeGuide book sold with the 5x5x5 by Mefferts
Mefferts 1982 CatalogueIncludes a number of puzzles that were never produced.

Mini PyramidsThis knock-off measures 52 mm along an edge.
Mole PyraminxA Master Pyraminx covered with balls to present a Sudoku-like challenge.
OrbixA spherical version of Lights Out.

PolymorphinxA mass produced piece shuffle. The pieces of a skewb and a skewb ultimate were exchanged.
Pyramid (Mefferts)A white pyraminx in a clear plastic package with a strange name on the stickers.
Pyramid P.G.Co PuzzleA high quality repackaging of the Pyraminx.

Pyramid Puzzler KeychainA Pyraminx clone that measures exactly 50 mm along an edge.
Pyraminx (Bienengraeber)The white Meffert's 1981 version for the german market. This package has a different sticker/seal design.
Pyraminx (board game dice)One of the earliest variants of the Pyraminx.

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